DAWN WARRIOR: A Modern Mama's Guide to Harnessing Your Power and Creating A Life You Love

"The book every mum needs to read" 

-Clare Wood

Are you depleted, overwhelmed and yearning to find your joy again? 



This book is the answer to your prayers.

Within its pages, mama mentor Tara Hegerty shows you how to establish TIME for yourself (ideally at dawn – even if you’re not yet a morning person). You’ll take this time to explore what’s important to you, and you’ll work towards living as your fully expressed self.

Tara invites you to see this stage of your life as a gift. If you unwrap the precious gift of motherhood you’ll discover that you have the chance to live more consciously, and to tap into limitless energy and joy.

As the result of a decade of rigorous development, the Dawn Warrior system goes beyond the usual self-care routine. With Tara’s loving, step-by-step guidance, you’ll soon begin to radiate with love and fulfilment – and be an amazing role model for your children.

Embrace the dawn of each new day and awaken to the incredible possibilities!

In the book, discover how to..

  • Design a life plan

    that complements your beliefs, values and goals (rather than what the rest of the world says to do

  • Find what lights you up

    and makes you jump out of bed every day

  • Greet the day

    with your own personalised, adaptable morning ritual that embraces what you’re here to do

  • Be the best version of yourself 

    by loving yourself and your unique gifts

  • Thrive in life

    by being an exceptional role model for your children and community


    a limited edition print "Warrior One Morning At A Time" valued at $27, and it is my gift to you... from my mama heart to yours.

'Vulnerable, heartfelt and inspiring'

Clare Wood

Business coach & money mentor

Vulnerable, heartfelt and inspiring, Dawn Warrior is the book every mother needs to read. Tara’s beautiful and authentic real-life story is perfectly intertwined with practical advice to help you unlock a life of happiness and balance – all achieved by embracing the Dawn Warrior mindset. Creating the time all mothers deserve is the secret to self-love, and this overflows into the lives of our children and creates positive ripples across the world.

'Learn the secrets to creating more energy and joy'

Madelaine Vallin

Founder of Australian School of Holistic Counselling

Packed with tools and mindset hacks, this inspiring and motivating read will help every mum to reconnect to her soul’s purpose and find inner peace. Tara openly and powerfully shares her journey of overcoming depression, infertility and eating disorders, and shows you how you, too, can set yourself free from limiting beliefs, unleash your power and create a life on your terms. If you are a mum who wants to learn the secrets to creating more energy and joy, this book is for you.

'Enlightening, thought-provoking and inspiring'

Cheryl Sheriff

Mother, doula, midwife & author of Stork Talk

Enlightening, thought-provoking and inspiring – this delightful work by Tara is a beautiful read. She shows it is possible, as a new mother, to increase energy and navigate motherhood with calmness and clarity, all while getting in touch with your purpose. The risk of losing yourself at this transformative time is very real. However, Tara shows how you can make a choice and take action to avoid this happening to you. Thank you, Tara, for sharing your wisdom and strategies and paving the way for other mamas.

'Inspirational and practical'

Bernadette Somers

Intuitive mentor, physiotherapist & author of Yolk

Dawn Warrior is a wonderful read and an important reminder of how to stay on course and in flow while honouring our roles as mothers. Tara has written a book that is not only inspirational but practical.

'Discover power, peace and potential'

Sarah Jensen

Heart healer & journaling expert

This beautiful book will hold, support and guide you as you lean into the magic of the morning and discover the power, peace and potential of the Dawn Warrior within you.

'Her book is a life-changer'

Dahlas Fletcher

Pregnancy and postpartum exercise specialist & founder of BodyFabulous

Tara is a total inspiration, and her book is a life-changer. She captures the mix of delight and wonder, as well as challenge and overwhelm, that can happen to all women during the seismic shift that is motherhood. 

About the author, Tara Hegerty

After experiencing the devastation of miscarriage and the emotional and physical upheaval of IVF, Tara Hegerty is now the mother of two beautiful young children.

Like so many other women, Tara experienced a huge identity shift when she became a mother. She felt overwhelmed, anxious, inadequate and guilty, and wondered if she would ever feel truly happy and connected to her soul.

While in the depths of despair, Tara began listening to the tug of her heart, and was inspired by her grandfather’s love of finding the joy in each new morning.

She also implemented powerful personal growth tools that have transformed her life. Through her one-on-one and group-based mentoring, she now teaches mothers how to live their most inspired lives. She helps them to see that motherhood is a life passage that can be utterly, positively transformational.

Tara lives in Brisbane with her husband and two children. When not exploring the great outdoors (including sashaying down ski slopes), she loves being with family and friends, chatting with Al over a bonfire and a G&T, and devouring books about spiritual adventures.

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