Intensive Life Design Experience

For the ambitious woman who wants to find new levels of alignment in her personal and professional life.

Something feels misaligned in your life. A lot of somethings, actually.

Your goals seem farther away than ever. You may be yelling at home more than you want to admit. And it seems like you’ll never become the confident woman you desperately want to be.


You’re exhausted and running on fumes just trying to keep it all from falling apart. But an inner voice keeps saying: “Maybe it doesn’t have to be this way.”


Deep inside your bones, you feel a longing for MORE. More fulfilment in your relationships. More energy in your day. More joy in your parenting.


You know it’s possible because you’ve seen other women living incredibly fulfilling lives.


So… Why not you? Why not now?

You have the power to:

  • Master your mindset, learn how to trust yourself, and gain the confidence to show up for what you really want
  • Take powerful, targeted action towards your goals and watch them come to fruition right before your eyes
  • Strengthen your emotional intelligence to live, work, and parent from a place of mindfulness and growth
  • Anchor to gratitude, create space in your life, and escape survival mode once and for all
  • Break generational patterns in your life that are holding you and your family back from health, healing, and happiness

All of this is available to you if you’re willing to do the transformational inner work. Up for the challenge? 

What Other Mothers Are Saying..

My mumma spirit is feeling pretty excited.. it feels like the unlocking of possibilities, purpose and passion. There’s a peace that’s returning, and a bravery that’s being ignited. And a hunger for habits that promote happiness. For a life that is characterised by simplicity and connection. Thank you, Tara


Mother of three

I resonate so much with Tara's personal story and she really gives everything in her inspiring work - from her book to her one-to-one sessions. She's crafted a beautiful mission to bring to light and life. From one mama to another, thank you.



Mother of two

After reading your book I got up earlier than my daughter (for the first time in 20 months) and I practiced yoga and meditated then repeated some affirmations and I feel AMAZING and so energetic and inspired today. Thank you for reminding me to practice self care before the world wakes up and I dive into my day xx


Mother of one

I'm Tara Hegerty

Holistic Coach and Life Design Strategist who helps ambitious women become warriors at work and home.


Drawing from my professional experience trained in psychology, counselling and life experience raising two kids, I created a signature approach to focus my clients on sustainability, clarity and ease in life. I teach this approach for mothers who want to reach new levels of alignment and fulfillment in work, relationships and parenting. 

I'll empower you to move beyond the daily struggles that are keeping you stuck to intentionally create a life full of purpose, happiness and deep connection.



We will use three empowering steps to positively empower your motherhood experience



By the end of these sessions, you will awaken your inner voice and begin to develop your sense of intuition and accepting who you are so you are able to confidently ignore the opinions of the world.


Life Design

After these weeks, you will have a solid decision-making framework for your inspired life and be crystal clear on exactly where you want to be in 3 years that aligns with your soul’s purpose.



By the end of our time together, you will emerge out of your cocoon and embed the changes in your life forever via an unbreakable long-term plan including an accountability tracking system.


Go from feeling stuck to loving your life in 3 months

When we work together, you will honestly evaluate what you are already doing, find new ways to simplify your life, and shift your mindset so you can create more time and more enjoyment in your life. The ambitious mums I work with love my multi-faceted approach because it provides fast results.

  • 6 x 1:1 Weekly Holistic Coaching Sessions

    This is where the magic and REAL results happen. We will dive deep to look at your life, get clear on your vision, set your priorities and build a plan to achieve your every goal. Each personal 1-on-1 call includes 45 minutes of targeted coaching and 15 minutes of learning/ implementing tools. I promise these 3 months will be life changing!

  • When-You-Need it Support

    Life happens in between coaching sessions. That’s I’m here anytime you need me. You will have unlimited access to me via voice/text/video, whether that’s needing help to get unstuck, deal with a specific roadblock, or simply some words of encouragement.

  • Customised Resources & Book

    The realisations, breakthroughs, and “ah-ha” moments you’ll experience during our sessions will stay with you forever with session notes, homework items, cheatsheets, and more. You’ll also get  recommendations from my personal content library and a copy of my book.

“It’s the best investment I’ve ever made. I STOPPED YELLING & gained the confidence to face my fears. I feel whole, fulfilled and this process has directly influenced EVERY aspect of my life.”

It's time to remove "I can't" from your voabulary.

You have more control over the life you want than you’re giving yourself credit for.


In fact, I fiercely believe that success is inevitable for anyone as long as you keep moving forward.


You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t need superhuman grit. You just have to embrace imperfect action, trust the process, and commit to showing up even when it looks messy.


This is what self-leadership looks like. You only really fail if you give up.


You are incredibly capable of becoming the woman, mum, wife, and human being you want to be. I can’t wait to help you become her.


  • Vision Planning

    Gain crystal clarity on the exact life you want to be living and create a new vision for your future, even if you don’t know what that ideal life looks like yet.


  • Setting Boundaries

    Start your day with intention to design and cultivate the life you actually want, while protecting yourself from burnout and finding ways to get your partner on board.

  • Mindset Mastery

    From manifesting meditations, law of attraction tools to energising breathwork and mind healing techniques, I will be your spiritual counsellor and show you how to use the power of your mind.

  • Life Design

    Learn the “how” of getting your ideas out of your head and onto paper, organise your thoughts, and define the highest-leverage actions that will get you closer to your goals.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Develop resilience, understand others’ behaviour, and learn new ways to manage overwhelming emotions so you can find peace of mind and respond without yelling.

  • Rapid Momentum

    Learn how to develop a solid accountability system that keeps the momentum moving forward each day instead of "losing motivation" and falling short of your dreams.

And so much more!

Building the life of your dreams is really that easy (and challenging)

Most of the work lies in getting out of your own damn way. Simple on paper, harder to execute... if you’re going alone.


This is why you need accountability if you want to level up.


So many intelligent, ambitious women believe they have to do it all by themselves. They aren’t aware of the subconscious belief systems they’ve internalised that block them from moving forward.


It’s easier to master your mindset and make progress when you’re surrounded by people who are enthusiastically committed to the same mission and challenge you to rise to the occasion.


Commit to this work and watch as everything you want finally falls together.


You’ll never be the same.

*Zero obligations. Chat to me directly. No salespeople. Promise.

"I am beyond grateful I discovered Tara."

The rawness from her own personal experience resonates so much with my motherhood journey. She has created something truly unique and inspiring to help others discover how to be the best version of themselves. I am beyond grateful I discovered Tara. Thankyou!


- Lisa, Mother of two

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